Getting GLIT – How to Apply Gems & Glitter

If you’re like me, you love getting glammed up for a festival! Your outfit is just one part if it, but you still need your makeup and GLITTER. At a rave, you’ll see so many sparkly faces and outfits and you don’t want to miss the fun. However, so many people complain that their glitter and gems don’t last throughout the night. Over the years, I’ve learned some tips and tricks on how to ensure your sparkle lasts all night long.

Where to Buy Gems and Glitter

There are a ton of places where you can buy face and body gems; some are more expensive than others, so just find what works for you.


One popular place to get gems is Lunautics. While they have beautiful designs, I find that they’re a bit more pricey compared to other places. Their face gems run from around $10-$15 and their body gems around $10-$17. If you’re okay with spending a little more, this is a great place to go for some unique designs!

Lunautics also carries glitter! Each glitter comes in a 5g jar and even though it doesn’t look like much, it lasts longer than you’d think. There are over 20 color selections and honestly, each one is beautiful! The prices for their glitter ranges from $5-$10, which is pretty average for the cost of cosmetic glitter. I own a few Lunautics glitters and they do not disappoint!

Freedom Rave Wear

While FRW isn’t exactly a glitter company, they carry a variety of different gems and glitter at an affordable price. Their face gems start at $4 and max out at $7, while their body gems are $5-$9. This is very reasonable and convenient if you are looking to do some rave outfit shopping as well. It takes the hassle out of shopping at a bunch of different online shops and paying for multiple shipping fees when instead you can check out all at one place!

Glitter is also available at FRW, ranging from $5-$10.The $5 glitters are from a brand named Sparkle and the $10 glitters are from Kandeolove. Although I haven’t tried these glitters, I have seen them in person and the colors and shapes are stunning!


If you are looking for the most affordable option, Amazon is the way to go. You can get a pack of 10 different face gems for $13! This is a great option if you want to keep the price as low as possible and multiple events coming up. But with this option, you also lose the ability to choose exactly which designs you want.

Applying Gems

All of the face and body gems come with an adhesive on the back for easy application, however, I find that it never lasts throughout a night of dancing. There are a couple of different ways to stick them on. Keep in mind, if you sweat a lot, you will probably have a harder time keeping the gems stuck to your face.

Eyelash Glue

This is what I’ve used most in the past and it usually keeps your gems and glitter on for most of the festival. You can just apply the lash glue to the back of the gems and then stick it on your face. Make sure you let it sit and dry for a little while before you get too wild. I use the Ardell Eyelash Glue which is less than $5. You can find it on Amazon here or at any drugstore or beauty store that sells makeup. Just make sure you get the clear lash glue or you’ll end up with some dark goop underneath your pretty lil face gems.

Liquid Bandage

Thanks to one of my friends, I discovered that liquid bandage is phenomenal at keeping gems on for the entirety of your night at a rave. I was wearing face and body gems every night on Groove Cruise for 10 hours (give or take an hour or so, I definitely lost track of time) and they didn’t budge AT ALL. The only downside of using liquid bandage is it does sting a little when you apply it. However, don’t let this stop you! It is safe to use on your skin (it’s literally made to use on your skin). Just don’t put it on too close to your eye because you never really want anything too close to your eyes anyway. Liquid bandage can be found at a local Walmart, Target, or any other drugstore pretty much. OR you can find it on Amazon here.

Now that you know where to get your gems and glitter and how to apply it, give it a try! If you have any other tips and tricks on where to get or how to apply gems and glitter, let me know in the comments!

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