Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

It’s a Friday night and you are your boo-thang are trying to spend some one-on-one time together, but staying in to watch Netflix is getting…monotonous? But, going out on dates all the time can add up quickly. Especially if you’re young and in-love without the financial security of a six-figure salary.

It’s not a bad thing! You just need to switch it up and find new ways to spend quality time together. I’m here to help with some cute date ideas that won’t have you stressing once you check your bank statement.

Take a Drive and Set Up a Picnic!

You don’t have to go anywhere far; you can drive to the beach, a park, lookout point, wherever you like! My boyfriend and I love to drive to the cliffs overlooking the beach and post up with some blankets and pillows in the trunk. You can bring takeout from your favorite restaurant or bring homemade snacks. BONUS: before you go, spend some time together making some new recipes in the kitchen!.

If you don’t live somewhere with access to cliffside beaches, you can find a lookout spot that overlooks the city or find a park that has a nice open space where you can go stargazing. Without the distractions of crowds or the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s a great way to spend one-on-one time together and spark interesting conversations with one another.

Play Tourist in Your Own City

If you live in or near a big city, there are plenty of things to do for tourists, so why not experience it for yourselves? Even if you’ve lived in the same city your entire life, you most likely haven’t done everything there is to do. I would recommend finding somewhere to park and to just walk around! It might sound a little boring, but you’ll discover a lot more just by walking than you will driving around.

Since I assume you and your bae are a little tight on cash, this is a good time to scope out new restaurants or activities for when you have more to spend.

As you’re walking around together in your town, who knows, you might find some cool photo opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you post it to your Instagram, but it’s always nice to capture memories for you two to look back on in the future.

Find Local Street Fairs or Art Exhibits

Most cities will have street fairs every few months or farmers markets weekly. Local street fairs usually have a large variety of food options and booths to shop at. At the last street fair I went to, there were a ton of booths with beautiful pieces from local artists. While you’re there, you can taste samples from local restaurants and stores and it’s a great way to explore the options that your city has.

Street fairs will sometimes have games and activities as well, for a small price. My boyfriend and I went and saw a rock climbing wall with a prize of $100 if you made it to the top! I’m sure it was a lot harder than it looked since we witnessed multiple people try and no one succeeded.

To find when there will be one in your own city, it’s best to just do a simple Google search!

Go Window Shopping

Window shopping can be fun but doesn’t have to be limited to clothing stores. It won’t be very fun for your S.O. if you go into stores that are only tailored for one of you.

However, you can go “window shopping” for exciting things that you can add to your dream board. For instance, go check out some of the open houses in your area. If you’re like me, pretty much ANY house (in southern California) is out of my budget right now. But, it can be fun to browse some fancy houses.

Something else that could be fun to “window shop” for is new cars! You can go test drive a Tesla or whatever other kinds of cars you’ve had your eye on. Now, when you do this, make sure to not get too carried away and REMEMBER: you’re only window shopping. You don’t want to get in over your head and end your date with new debt.

It’s important to remember that going on a date with your S.O. is about spending quality time together. Don’t get too caught up in what your friends and their boyfriends/girlfriends are doing. If you’re trying to stay within budget, save the fancy dates for special occasions and find cheaper things to do. If you have any other date night ideas that won’t have you swiping your credit card all night, leave them in the comments!

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