Accessorize Your Festie Fit

Putting together an outfit for a rave can seem easy when you pick out a top and bottom that match, but if you really want to take your festie fit to the next level, you’ll need to accessorize! Accessorizing for raves is a little different from styling an everyday outfit because you don’t just want to add jewelry. You’re going to be spending a lot of time dancing, so you don’t want to wear expensive jewelry that could potentially lose or break. There are a ton of different ways to accessorize your look, so figure out what matches your personal style.


Fishnets, socks, and garters are all great ways to add to your outfit! Fishnets come in a variety of styles and sizes. My favorite is the large diamond fishnet style. You can style these with almost any outfit and they come in a ton of different colors as well. In this outfit, I wore an off-the-shoulder black bodysuit (I can’t remember where it’s from), Hologram Electro High Waisted Booty Shorts from iHeartRaves, and finished the look with some black fishnet tights that you can also purchase from iHeartRaves. You can use the code MAKENNA to save 10% on your order at iHeartRaves!

If fishnets aren’t your thing or don’t fit the vibe you’re going for, you can also wear thigh-high socks. This is probably my favorite way to accessorize because I get cold easily, so they keep my legs warmer during the fall/winter festivals. You can get thigh-high socks in any color or even with different designs or patterns on them. I usually go for solid black, but I’ve also worn black and white tube socks and it gives a more sporty chic look. You can check out that outfit in my Rave Outfit Inspiration post here. In the photo below, I wore a black mesh top from Urban Outfitters, Cowabunga Flip Green Black Sequin Heart Pasties from Neva Nude, Jezebel High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms from Freedom Rave Wear, and black thigh-high socks.

Garters are another way to add to your festie fit! You probably want to pair these with some thigh-high socks or thigh-high fishnets so they can clip onto something. I don’t have many garters currently, but I love how they look with a rave outfit. I wore these Heart Garter Suspenders from iHeartRaves with some Marble High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms from Freedom Rave Wear (no longer available) and the Black Savage Wrap Around Top, also from iHeartRaves.

Harnesses & Body Chains

Accessorizing with a harness or a body chain can completely transform an outfit. Body chains give a glitzy feel to your look. If you love the plur princess kinda vibe, body chains are a great way to add to your outfit. If you like the bass babe look, you can get a darker vibe with a black harness. However, you can also find colored harnesses to lighten the look a little bit. In this outfit, I paired my Acid Sky Solstice Top from Freedom Rave Wear with custom black booty shorts and the Veronica Chest Harness from Alien Outfitters.

If you get rowdy when you go to raves and festivals, I would recommend getting a high-quality body chain. Alternatively, you could go with a harness instead because they tend to break easily.

Head Accessories

There are many accessories that you can add to your look on your head that will make your festie fit WAY cuter. Some examples are cat ears, bandanas, hoods, and glasses.

Cat ears are a great way to make your outfit more fun and playful! I have a pair from iHeartRaves as well as from Forever 21. Forever 21 has a TON of options for a low price, but there are plenty on Amazon as well. I love the way these look for a rave because if it were up to me, it would be Halloween year-round. For my first EDC, I wore my Glitter Cat Ear Headband from Forever 21 with my Savage Wrap Around Top and Fishnet Booty Shorts from iHeartRaves. This outfit definitely wasn’t my best, but you get the point.

Bandanas are another great way to accessorize, but they actually serve a purpose as well. You can either tie it around your head as a headband or you can tie it around your face as a mask. If you use it as a mask, it helps with blocking out dust from getting in your mouth. When I was at Hard Summer 2018, I don’t know what I would’ve done without my bandana. You can go with a basic bandana from Walmart for only $1 or you can find cute, unique ones at Freedom Rave Wear. The bandanas from FRW are great because if you get hot, you can get it wet, drape it on your neck and it’ll keep you much cooler.

Face Accessories

I love pairing cute, colored sunglasses with my rave outfits! These are so fun because you can get them in different colors and shapes. These are not only great for daytime festivals, but also at night! I wore some rose gold reflective sunnies on Groove Cruise that were great during the day. I got these at a kiosk at my local mall, which I’m sure you can find at a mall in your area.

Another pair of sunnies that I love for raves are these purple and pink heart-shaped glasses. I actually purchased these at a kids toy store in Lake Tahoe (random, I know). Lightly colored sunnies are totally in style right now, so they shouldn’t be hard to find!

Another way to dress up your face for your festie look (other than makeup) is by adding face gems! I wrote another blog post on how to apply gems and glitter and you can check it out here.

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